"A stranger is just a friend we have yet to meet"- Regina B
About vBoomerang.com
I always felt there were many dating sites for people that were searching for a match based on a profile. I wanted there to be a site for people that had already taken that first step; people that already had an attraction and now wanted to get to know eachother better. A place to reconnect with that stranger you already know. So many times in my life there was a missed opportunity, a missed connection with someone that I thought could be a potential match. Many people caught my eye but shyness, being in mixed company or the fast pace of daily life, prevented me from having a meaningful connection. You need that one last step – the meet and greet - to make the future happen. The moment you meet that special person might be up to fate but the next step is your choice.
Our Mission
Whether you want to find that person you locked eyes with at the coffee shop or reconnect with a long, lost friend, VBoomerang will help you find that missed connection.

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